An Update on Newsletter No 26 – AGM

Update on Newsletter No 26 – AGM

Further to our last newsletter, in which we outlined our proposals for change to the way the Society is
organised and run, especially with a view to engaging people more widely in heritage matters, we are
writing to let you know that there will be a postponement of the planned AGM as at least one of the key
members of the team will not be available to attend on the proposed date. A new date will be
announced soon.
The venue will be as planned at the White Rock Hotel and it will remain our intention to offer a ‘hybrid’
format, so members will be able to attend in person but those who wish to join us by Zoom will be able
to do so. One of the items on the agenda will be the question as to whether we wish to continue with
AGMs in the conventional way and the formal procedures that go with them, such as the adoption of
minutes and reports, nominations for committee places, and elections.
As suggested previously, many people, especially younger people, appreciate the historic heritage
of Hastings and St Leonards but view this in relation to the attractive natural setting and the energy
and creativity of the arts and cultural activities which are part of the town’s character. We are
seeking to attract such people, many of whom are adapted to the digital age and familiar with social
media. Research shows that heritage societies can seem stuffy and conventional, involving
unnecessary formalities, and therefore unable to appeal to younger people and to those of all ages
and walks of life who would not normally join societies such as ours.
If in the meantime you think you would like to contribute to our activities or you know of others who
might like to do so, please let us know.
Chair – Dr Deborah Madden
Vice-Chair – Dr Christopher Joyce

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