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200 Years of St Leonards-On-Sea

Soon there will have been 200 years of St Leonards.  Recently the question of celebrating James Burton's New Town was discussed in articles in the Hastings Online Times:  'The Original DFL:  James Burton' and 'How should the bicentenary of St Leonards be marked?'. Below is news of a meeting on the subject on the evening [...]

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Why Did Harold II Lose the Battle of Hastings? – A new publication

Why Did King Harold II Lose the Battle of Hastings? Members may be interested in this new publication written by Heather Grief of the Hastings Local History Group. The booklet covers all aspects of England’s defensive system, along with the background to the events of 1066, and Heather’s interpretation of why the main players acted [...]

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Public Meeting on 6 March at the White Rock Hotel – St Leonards Parish Church

St Leonards Parish Church – Public Meeting on 6 March at the White Rock Hotel Early last year a ‘stakeholders group’ was set up to address concerns about the former parish church, now declared redundant on account of instability in the surrounding land. The group will consider possible uses to which the building might be [...]

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Would you like to join our core team?

Would you like to join our core team? As readers will have seen from our AGM notes, we’ve recently adopted a less formal structure, so that membership now requires no subscription (though donations are always welcome), simply an active interest in heritage matters across the borough and a readiness to keep in touch with the [...]

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The National Town Criers competition

The National Town Criers Competition A member has written to express regret that the borough council has withdrawn support for the popular Town Criers competition. This is one of a number of stringent budget cuts, often counter-intuitive, such as the apparent decision to reduce the tourist information service for Hastings. In 2018 we brought out [...]

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West St Leonards Neighbourhood Plan – A reminder

West St Leonards Neighbourhood Plan We recently drew attention to the fact that The West St Leonards Forum has established a Neighbourhood Plan and recently instigated a survey of West St Leonards residents in order to understand their concerns and to help establish priorities for action. www.weststleonards.org.uk The council has put the Neighbourhood Plan out [...]

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