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Marianne North

In 2018 Terri Sayer of Creative Force and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund completed a project to raise a greater awareness of this inspirational Victorian explorer, artist and botanist. Marianne North was born and lived for much of her life in Hastings. Working with a number of partners across the town, the project featured a series of creative events for the public to get to know more about this extraordinary woman, her adventures and her exquisite works. Out of the project came a booklet “Travelling with Marianne North”. A copy can be viewed here.

One of those local partners was the Hastings Local History Group who created a series of boards for an exhibition. Here are copies of those boards – (as pdfs which will open in a separate tab and then can be read or downloaded.)

Early Years

North’s Seat

Canada and USA 1871

Jamaica 1871

Brazil 1872-1873

Teneriffe, California, Japan and Singapore 1875-1877

Borneo and Java 1876

India 1877-1879

Borneo and Australia 1880-1881

New Zealand and USA 1881

South Africa 1882-1883

Seychelles and Chile 1883

Chronological History

Marianne’s Legacy