Minutes of the AGM held on 21/11/22

AGM November 21 2022 6.00pm
Chair: Dr Deborah Madden


1. Apologies for absence.
2. Chair’s summary – received by members and for comment.
Members commented on the new hybrid arrangements (see below).
3. Treasurer’s report (statement of account received verbally – report to follow. The Society paid for town criers event and reimbursed Alan for cost of the Society’s Zoom account. As from January 2023, the Society will not be receiving subscriptions.
4. Agreement of committee members (chair, vice-chair, treasurer and others)* This was agreed and new ‘core team’ member, Peter Parnell welcomed. As from 2023, the Society will no longer follow this format for the continuance of the core team or hold AGMs.
5. Update on constitution, remodelling, future processes on membership, website and meetings. The constitution will be updated to reflect the new configuration of the Society. This will be posted onto the web once it’s ready.
6. Members present discussed the following:
– We agreed to carry on as a core team and new member – Peter, who we officially welcomed.
– We had a long discussion about social media and improving the web, latterly this now includes discussion of paying someone to undertake some work for us on web, FB and potential for Instagram. We need to connect our Society with others in the town online and become more embedded digitally.

– DM to contact the college again re: student placement
– We have agreed to have our meetings in person primarily with the option of having others on zoom when the need arises.
– We have moved to a no subscriptions model with potential for donations and crowd funding if needs be.
– Agreed open meetings for the following over the course of 2023 (dates tbc): St Mary’s in the Castle, Hastings Castle (Kevin Boorman), the pier, St Anne’s Church, St Leonards Church, Weather Kiosk, Heritage Action Zone.
– Heritage Open Days – agreed that given our other commitments, we will email members and ask for volunteers to come forward to undertake this activity.
– To continue supplying heritage trail booklets – there has been a lot of interest and enquiries, which Alan and Chris have responded to when they come in.
*Please refer to the updated constitution. (It is assumed that the present committee members are willing to continue. Plus new committee member of Peter Parnell.

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