Notes From the 3rd AGM of the Society 2020

Hastings & St. Leonards Society 3rd Annual General Meeting

Conducted by e-mail instigated on 27 August 2020,

closure date 11 September 2020

Agenda and comments

1. Note from the Chair:
The AGM (postponed from 17 March 2020) was conducted by e-mail circulation to all paid-up members of the Society, due to difficulty in rearranging the meeting in accordance with Covid-19 safety regulations. All members were invited to participate by submitting their comments on the items in the Agenda to the Society’s secretary. There were no significant comments for inclusion in these Notes.
2. Request for approval of Notes from 2019 AGM: Approved (proposer Alan Jeffries, seconder Angela Childs.)
3. Chair’s Annual Report (no comments received)
4. Treasurer’s Annual Report for Society Year ending 31 December 2019:
Satisfactory (proposer Sheridan Lynch, seconder Chris Lewcock)
5. Membership Report:
There are currently 25 Individual memberships and 8 joint memberships of the Society, a total of 41 members. This is slightly down from last year due to non-payment of annual subscriptions by some 2019 members, although three new memberships arose for this Society Year.
6. Election of Officers / Executive Committee
It was approved at 2019 AGM that committee members would stand down after a two-year term, and may stand for re-election. Some committee members come up for re-election in one year, and the others the following year – this is to provide some basis of continuity in the committee. At this year’s AGM, Deborah Madden (Chair), Eve Montgomery (Treasurer) and Alan Jeffries (Executive / Website Manager) stood for re-election: proposed by Marilyn Saklatvala ; seconder Gill Page. There were no objections. All three persons duly re-elected with term to end at AGM 2022.
There were no additional applications for executive committee positions. The position of Membership Secretary remains vacant and is currently being covered jointly by the Treasurer and Secretary. If you are able to take on the role of Membership Secretary please contact the Secretary.
7. Set membership fees for 2021 Society Year:
As the Society has been unable to provide the usual benefits for members, such as events, regular open meetings and outings, during the 2020 Society Year due to the Covid-19 situation, it was proposed by committee that no renewal subscriptions will be requested from existing members for the Society Year ending 31 December 2021. No objections received so motion carried unanimously. (Any current member not wishing to remain a member after 31 December 2020, should advise the secretary by e-mail). Fees for new members for next Society Year (commencing 1 January 2021) remain at: £6 individual; £10 joint; £5 student; group rate on request.
8. Any other business: None

Notes compiled by Steven (secretary)
Dated: 17 September 2020

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