Report to H & St. L Society on the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘scoping meeting’


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e-bulletin (17 December 2018)

Report to H & St. L Society on the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘scoping meeting’

The meeting [on 20 November 2018] was attended by ten people and it was agreed to meet again on 15 January at 6.30 pm at Jackson Hall, Portland Place, Hastings YN34 1QN.

Before that a short concept paper will be circulated for discussion to the small planning group that has come together to look at the initial feasibility of making a UNESCO bid. John Rampton, who has a planning background, offered to write the first draft of this paper. Anyone is welcome to come to the next meeting and share their thoughts. Kevin Boorman [HBC officer] briefly spoke about an earlier attempt to look at seeking UNESCO world heritage status which did not progress very far due to upcoming local elections at the time and the difficulty of agreeing a boundary for the area to be proposed.  It is still something that the council would be in favour of pursuing however. He suggested a time-line of late February-March to come up with a proposal to put to the council but emphasised that most of the work would need to be done by volunteers at this early stage. If you want to be added to the mailing list please contact

(Report provided by Julia Hilton)

Hastings & St. Leonards Society committee

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