Using technology and ‘app’ on phone to preserve local heritage

Luciana Haill has asked us to promote the work she is doing to use technology and phone apps to preserve heritage.

She writes “In 2018 I began an electronic artwork that recreates The Memorial Clocktower, St Leonards Pier, and Bexhill Edwardian Beach huts.
New for 2019 I want to build the experience of the much missed Priory Meadow Cricket ground in ‘augmented reality’
This has the ability to preserve long lost landmarks of our town in ’smartphones’.
It is much easier to demonstrate face to face than describe – here is my website which will convey a lot of the work gone into it.
To view Apparitions you use an Apple iPad or iPhone (an Android version is in the process of being fund raised ) and the Apparitions app, which is triggered by viewing with the device’s camera one of the three postcards which were produced specifically for the project.
These postcards each feature a vintage sepia tinged photograph of a lost British seaside landmark; St Leonards Pier, The Hastings Albert Memorial Clocktower and Edwardian Beach Huts in Bexhill (and appropriately they come packaged in a traditional candy striped seaside-esque paper bag).
As you know all these places no longer exist; the Clocktower was damaged by arson and subsequently demolished in 1973, the pier suffered bomb damage in World War II and then severe gale damage and was demolished in 1951, while the beach huts were destroyed in a storm in 1905 and almost all of their contents washed out to sea.
Here is a news article from November last year about the ongoing artwork :
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